090922 vino note

Price determines nothing.  Of course some bottles will naturally be more, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like them more.  What makes me think of this… okay, the $8.99 bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Oliver’s Market.  Their own label, and what’s not to like.  Forget about price tag for a second, difficult as they may be in this recession-bound terrain.  Everything was there… acidity fruit and personality, pronunciation of identity and intention.

Why do we focus on price so much when it comes to anticipate enjoyment.  Can’t tell you how many tastings I’ve attended where a $40-something bottle of Zin or some Bordeaux blend decidedly DESTROYS something more than twice it’s dollar tag.

Of course, I find immense comedy in this, as I do many things ‘wine’.  The prestige, and when people HAVE to tell you they brought a $80-something by Paul Hobbs and I reveal my bottle from brown bag and it’s  barely over $40.  Never mind what the wine is, these price boasters don’t.

So what is important?

That you enjoy it.

Not discouraging wines of more elevated cost.  It should just be known that there is no proven tie with price and principle appeal.

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