“Absolute Ramble Wine Keep”

Getting warm down here again… distracting, disruptive.  Wine writing ideas invading my sight and imagination..  Distracted by wine images, wine fantasies and travel, the idea of a glass of SB which I absolutely won’t have right now much I’d like.  Composed in idealized wine composition….  Wine ramblings in my head, from tasting room days in ’09 when working with all at the time close buddies to now about to start another tasting room assignment with Orin Swift…. Keeping wine as my BEAT.  A prominent post in the About EVERYTHING approach and note.

Thinking of the Cab last night, called something  funny, like ‘Vell… Cabernet’.  Let me look it up… Wait, took a pic while listening to Thievery.  Ah… ‘VELL – HERE I AM!’ It’s name, and the wine had that attitude and way about her.  Comical but seductive, playful and musical.  Mood-driven and truth-given.  I sipped and saw new stories for me in wine, and my kids.. our eventual vineyard in Dry Creek or AV, somewhere on this side.

I forget how warm the office is, placing myself in Bordeaux, walking some vineyard I never had and just staring. Not writing or snapping any still shots with phone or camera, just present.  The bottle continued to chant in hues of urgency and kindness, and only to me as her translator.  Something, enigmatic and sensibly spastic.  I was kept, still am, with a. New Beat and Road, form and step.  HERE I AM… how timely, perfectly placed and again reminding me that the character rarely controls the story, especially in wine’s lines.

Unable to leave, but have to.  Wine’s sagacious pages tell me to get the kids, see them with the barrels and making a Cabernet one day, or some blend.  Sonoma steps, new cordon clefs.  Obvious, this messaging last night.

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