Everyday in the shop is a wine story.  A storm of wine thoughts and later written steps and beats.  An incubator for our wine exploration.  The Cabernets last night and my friend Adam’s Pinot Gris the other night reminded me of why I write wine, or really why wine and I rally and write each other.  Adam’s PG told me to calm, be in the written mode of wine and what she sings from bottle to bottle.  The conversation and amorous trek isn’t meant to conclude.

This morning opening the shop and thinking about every wine decision that got me here…..  No analysis, just purpose, and curiosity and following what question marks stem, room to room, scene to scene and sip to….

Three wines confirming something for me.  This blog is meant to share everything WINE.  So I’m convinced that it’s wine for me.  More than teaching, more than anything, possibly even writing.  The writing is a side-effect, like a secondary symptom of what’s experienced.

Buying a case today and the wines won’t be able to get here quick enough.  More to write and study, thinking which I would have here in the shop with me, what bottle I would sip with what jazz or Thievery or Tycho track.  More wined pages, everyday.  Here.


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