Wine notes

Wine Tasting

When you do, do that. Talk in descriptions, or don’t. Enjoy the experience, enjoy your tasting.. with whom you’re tasting. I’m going on one of my rants, my usual vent-notes, but people of all wine “levels” should know there are no levels with wine. It’s just you and the wine, and the people with whom […]


Sipping a Zin… why.

I know, I never drink Zin.  But I am tonight.  One from Seghesio.  Can’t remember vintage. Bottle’s n the kitchen.  And I’m in office, last productive must of the day.  Zinfandel tell me to not just judge it anymore, which I’m entirely guilty.  Jammy, hate that word.  This offering is something with unusual and surprising, […]



2018 Grüner Veltliner  Atmospheric, easing.  But not easy.  Not something easily dismissed, or passed.  End of day, after my Account Executive life and teaching English online for over two hours… it’s easy.  It’s euphony.  The madness that calms and composes one trying to compose themselves in such a time and conditions set.  Jazz that’s fiery but romantically kept and contained, explaining […]