Start the Cabernet study and survey, officially.  For a book maybe but seeing that as the nexus of this blog’s and business wine hue.  Cabernet, and everything about her.  Everything she says, how she’s perceived and misunderstood.

Last night and night before, two completely different characters.  One Sonoma County, so the fruit could have come from anywhere in the county, and the other from Knights Valley.  Should have done a bit more research, I’ll admit, but the geography is irrelevant.  It’s the song of Cabernet sung from each bottle.  What was said, what did I want more of?

The bottles left methinking about the boldness and subtle chords of Cabernet.  Doesn’t have to be one shade or volume.  Cab can be just as mythic and sexy, “sophisticated” (a words I hate when referring to anything having to do with wine) as Pinot Noir.  Cabernet needs more of our attention, these bottles remind me.  They told me to start writing abut Cabernet, have it be the center of the shop, the blog, everything I write about.  Prominence and softness, dance, music, atmosphere, rooms… “Write only me…” she, Cabernet, insists.

Can only follow.  I want to see where the wine takes me, again.  From and to the shop, this #vinovinevin wine quarter.

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