2017 Sophia’s, Again

I’ve been a Lancaster lover and follower, student since 2011.  Everything, vintage after vintage, shows something new about Sonoma County and Cabernet.  This character does not deviate from their tradition.  Sipped it last night after dinner, no food, wanted to closely appreciate and realize the language in the glass. 

Lancaster is one of the wineries that not only accelerated my love of wine, but convinced me of Cabernet in Sonoma County. That she can do what other regions do, in any way conceivable.

This character calms you with the telling chocolate and blackberry-raspberry concert in tandem with the dark layer of oak and vanilla, soft-spoken and nearly shy pepper ledges.

Other Cabernet interpretations will often go too far, telling more than needs to be, leaving nothing for the sipper/reader to interpret or appreciate.  Too much is told, and I always wonder why and feel left, nearly forced or cheated.

This stage in the Sophia story keeps the thoughts and musings singing in colorful forward, for my wined story.  She tells me not to think excessively, not to examine but live, slow.  Sip after sip, scribble to the next. Wine, time, the table, the quiet…. Evolving amour.

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