MOCK SOMM – 1.27.23

The two wines Chris brought me the other night.  An older Pinot and current release Merlot.  Looking for Newness in wine lately, new characters and what not and these two were exactly what I needed as a writer and recorder of wine.  The Pinot defying the age stereotype for its varietal, and the Merlot boasting its vocals and song, complexion and composition.

They had me thinking and meditating int he kitchen, scribbling and remembering stories my sister would tell me about producing each type.  What people think and how they react, the challenges in growing and fermentation.

Other wines, and there are many, lately just aren’t saying anything to me.  I put the glass down, indifferent.  Unmoved, un-wooed…. Maybe it’s me, but that’s my truth.  Or was.  These two broke that “truth”, which was more a lull that settled mind-state.

I know what to look for now with wine, or have a better idea.  This has been my turbulence of late in writing wine or reacting to it.  Always look for Newness – new Beats, music, voices and rooms, of course stories.

Wrote that the Pinot was a “dancing dimension” and “shapely ghost”…. The Merlot, only wrote, “LOVE”.

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