Saw this wine last week, bought a bottle.  $9 before tax. 

Couldn’t believe the intensity of the language and intimacy communicated.  So, tonight while at Oliver’s I had to get another bottle, just to make sure.

Cheery cherry and light chocolate.   Playful chord of mint and sea air…. Forget about the price, I’d urge anyone in Sonoma County and that shops at Oliver’s, or anyone reading his blog.  This bottle is music and one always in a beatific flip.

Another pour, and this time more texture orientation, ore intellect and bright clef in her step.  It’s not a matter of light or heavy, but engagement, verses and music in the glass-tilt.  Not pairing with any plate, just solitary sipping.  Home office, winding down with day and meditative.  She has that ability, the bottled contents here with me.  Most wines I sip anymore are just a glass, then another.  Nothing meditative or contemplative.

When a wine makes you feel grateful, reflective, more passionate in your wine story whatever that is, whatever shape it takes… there’s connection, there’s purpose and invitation to pause, gather, LOVE.

And for not even $10.  New Road, poetry, at the desk now with me.  GARNACHA!!!

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