Two wines from yesterday.

One of my sister’s Chardonnays then a blend from her friend Sally, the winemaker at Pride Mountain.  Anymore, I don’t judge Chardonnay.  Why should I.  Every time I have some negative expectation I’m proven wrong. Nearly always.  And this blend…

Something that commanded a sharp sort of attention.  Rhône contributors, and I think Zin as well.  Shit.. should have  taken a picture of the back label.  Oh well…

Haven’t posted here in a while, and that’s on me.  Again taken from wine’s message and definition and experience but last night at dinner in Sonoma, at B&V Bar & Grille with my family and Ms. Kerri.

My wine story is alive again.. more than alive and well.  Extending into other intentions, from a Chard and random red blend.

Never underestimate wine as a topic, idea, business direction, or current scene.  What these two forms, voices taught me.  Not that I devalued wine or this blog about wine, but… I don’t know.  Somewhat lost my way I guess.  But two wines changed that.  And on a Sunday night, of nights.

Sipping the Chardonnay again tonight, here in my office.  Slow.. letting all notes and measures speak or teach me something.  Direct me again… re-center this vino scribbler.

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