scribbled sipped

Last night having some Balletto Rosé with Melissa, and listening to a teachers’ Board Meeting.  Melissa and I laughed back and forth, about both sides, parents and teachers.  And instead, just enjoyed the wine.  Balletto is one of her favorites, if not her utmost.  And the voice of the wine, late with the kids asleep, everything was perfect, beaming and healing.  MUSICAL.  Just what I look for in any wine.  Meliss’ is nowhere NEAR the wine geek I am.  In fact, she could probably take or leave vino.  No me though, as you know… every bottle is significant and prominent in the story.  And this time having the Rosé from arguably my favorite Santa Rosa Pinot producer…. The happiness from the last sip stems to this paragraph, where I sit looking out the window at the rain on our street.  Last night wine and I spoke the same language, there wasn’t that obstruction that I’ve been feeling lately, no matter what I’m sipping.  Maybe this is a new story, a new and generous shift…. I’ll see.  Need to get more.  Not making it out that way today, I don’t think.  But, this weekend for sure.  Vowing to self and page, this imagined store and anyone who’d visit.

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