Opening the shop soon.

No more waiting.  No more procrastinating.  Wine is something that begs appreciation and love of the immediate moment.

Call from a friend today, from one of my more preferred and chased producers.  Asked me if I want the new Roussanne and two new Pinots.  Of course.

The wines that speak to you are the ones that keep you fluent in wine’s tongue, I’ve found.  Thinking too much about what you taste and what you should rate it on some app (and by the way, I love Vivino so I’m not slandering wine apps, and would never), is not something I personally prioritize.  What happened this morning, my friend texting me and asking me if I’d like to try the new releases…. that’s what you’ll have from the #vinovinevin shop.  What will be communicated, noted day to day.


Conversations, hospitality but even more than that.  When I hear “hospitality” I think hosting someone with kindness for the sake of selling.  So I don’t have a word in its stead, but more than hospitality.  Note, my friend ASKED me if I wanted some. There was nothing aggressive or strategic.  It was question.

His text was the push to open the blog-shop.  So…. Let me know if you need wine.

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