Varietal Bridges

It was always like that for me and wine.  I’d be into one type for a while then that would lead me to some other character, or blend.  For some reason.  Sometimes there was reason, other nothing resembling reason.

I started with Merlot, when I decided to see what wine was about, and why so many made such a production ever over sipping an amount so small that you couldn’t get anything from it, or I thought then.  The bridges are more like introductions, or metaphysical references, referrals I guess.  All consistent with exploration.  

Over ten years ago I was on the most vocal anti-Sauvignon Blanc march of my life.  The only one actually.  One time though while out tasting I had a stainless Chardonnay for only like the third time, and the way the person hosted the tasting described it, mentioning only minutely SB, I had to go try as many as I could.  And I did.  On both sides of the mountain, and in as many AVA’s as I could.

So the bridges are not just with the wines, but people and what they say.  How little suggestions can lead to revelations and new walks and understanding of yourself and what you give to glass.  The connectedness stems from wines unseen symmetry.  Magic… an alchemical and inter-dimensional introduction.

Last bottle I opened was a Syrah.  The style was so precise and calling, that I need to explore more.  Try every Syrah I can find.  A store, at a restaurant, anywhere.


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