Trapped inside.  Heat outside is not something I or anyone I know wants to feel or deal with.  So, I have Balletto Pinot Gris in the fridge, calling to me.

The shop starts with wine writing, the notes, the experience, and you can be by yourself in wine study, slow sips and scribbles. 

When the shop opens, in less than a year…. There will be a “design call”, much like what we do in the telecom world.  And, on that show, the communicative framing and pulse of everything will be prime, prioritized in #vinovinevin’s practice.

Feel like I’m just now, today, and especially since covid arrived, getting to know my shop, and wine life.  Want to share it with everyone, have wine conversations with as many lives as I can… get to know their wine loves and stories, travels and trials.

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