Diversity in what you taste isn’t necessary when you’re first starting to taste wine, and get familiar with what strikes you.

If you like Pinots, stick with Pinot.  Stick to the same Pinot… drink it repeatedly.  Know what hits you, what speaks to you and convinces repeated return, and knowing why, is what gives way to someone with a true love of wine, and the many stories it can tell, songs it can sing.

When I started, I started with Merlot.  A Blackstone Merlot… and I would go to the store and continue to buy only that.  It worked, as I started trying other Merlots, other wineries, other styles, then I went to Cabernet, then Zin, then Syrah, then everything under wine’s tangible and theoretical roof.

Even if you’re not just starting, who cares.  Drink what you want, the same thing if you want, repeatedly.  And, if you know even a little bit about wine, you know that bottle will taste different next week, month, and that after.  Diversity is good, in what you’re drinking in wine’s way, but it’s not necessarily if you have one love, and you’re compelled to connect with it over and over.

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