Timed Stems

Trying new wines is always something that will teach you and show you what your tastes are.  Can I assure that?  Yeah, pretty much.  But even if I couldn’t, or wouldn’t, or even can’t, STILL, we need to get out there.  And if you don’t live in a winery zone, then order from online.  Wine is the embodiment and encouragement of self-education.  You, though, have to move and go acquire familiarity and understanding of what’s put in front of you, or what you pour yourself.

Have some new wines on their way to my house, as I speak from an industry friend of mine.  Can’t believe I’ve never tried them before.  I’ve seen the Westwood label I think in some stores and wine shops, but never had them.  Six bottles on their way.  Not sure I’ll open one tonight.  OR, I am.  Yes, I’m quite sure.  The Chardonnay, since that varietal and I are back on speaking terms.  No more slow sludge rolls toward my senses in recent bottles tasted.

Sharing what you go through, with wine, hearing yourself speak the experience to another and if you’re like me writing it, putt he verve to page and meditating over and in the recollection’s whim…. That’s what wine is, to me.  What wine necessitates and demands.  It’s like new love but love that’s always been there and that you’ve never fully seen.  And when you interact with a new entity, you find self, more than just new tastes or subtle or bold suggestion.  Story, connection.  That’s what’s in the Newness of wine’s clef.

Just poured myself a little of the Kenwood Cabernet that I last night pulled, poured.  Told myself that this wasn’t going to be anything impressive.  I’d had it before, so I knew, I was sure I knew what it was… one of those value buys.  But, a new conversation from a new year.  New symmetry and language in her steps and crisscrossing of emotions and expressive diagonals.  More than merely new, but noted, needing to be captured, recorded, studies for an embarking vin-meditative.

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