tasting note

So many ask what they’re supposed to be smelling or tasting, when in the tasting room.  Like there’s an answer that needs to be voiced so they can keep tasting.  Like if there’s a wrong answer, the tasting stops.  I think we all know this isn’t the case, at least in any tasting room I can think of.  But people do often reel themselves into the “supposed to” do’s with wine and wine tasting.

When at the counter, with your first or whatever pour, focus on you.  What you sense, and only speak it if you feel comfortable.  There is no ‘supposed to’ with wine.  “You’ll taste blueberry, chocolate, a little lavender and some vanilla.” A pourer might say.  I’ve always wanted to offer back, “And what if I don’t?”

By forcing certain thoughts on ourselves or on others, with wine or really anything else, we strip the significance of the subject we professor to hold so high.  Engage the wine as you would a character, a person.  Let it communicate, then conclude, if at all.  What ‘should you’?….  You should approach as you want, see what you see and be with the wine as you and the wine decide.


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