4/25/19 vino jot

When people talk about “balance” in a wine, that is perception.  That is opinion.  We all have our own understanding, understandings, of what balance in wine is.  As consumers, we look for our own harmony in wines, a sense of symmetry that speaks to us, uniquely.  And with conviction. With a certain steady stride of expression.  Balance that we recognize in what we sip is where connection and intimacy are drawn.


One sipper’s sense of balance doesn’t need to correlate to the other’s.  Wine reminds us that the thought of balance is personal, is uniqueness of sight and sense, perception and personality.

Another reality, as you’ll find, tasting more and more across more and more tasting rooms, people will talk and preach about balance but can’t define it, or even explain where the balance is, how it shows itself.  If you have your wined realizations and understandings that connect you with what you prefer sip, or drink, then balance is something needn’t be explained, or even uttered.

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