wine sketchez

IMG_E7443Floral skip into the wine’s most known of intentions— delivering atmosphere and a free-spirited note storm that captures and captives you with acrobatic apricot chimes and direct peachy and pair settings.  This bottle doesn’t have any reason to hide her bewitching orations— segueing into turns of white roses and Hawaiian flower bed modality in olfactory and tactile, taste, more than merely what so many dumb down to the word “palate”.  She pulls you further along her histoire.

Contrasting and seemingly contradicting dimensions to her ardor, mightiness in mouth, but there is the statement, the thesis, the delicious defiance of this Dry Creek Viognier from one of my favorite houses on ‘The Road’.  To the sip, there is no finish.  She refuses to slow her speech— she only repeats, ravishingly and with beatific bounce.

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