Been too long…


Light flying persona that reminds me of my interaction with it… meta but not.  An effulgent dialectic meant to sway me with its fruit frolic.  Light but insistent on attention, bright and diligent with its palate organization and orchestra.  A wine quite easy to be lost in, especially if you’ve never had a Vermentino.  Mad in its delicious diction and syncopated flavor suggestions— more narrations and cosmic skips than one-dimensional descriptors or “suggestions”.  Nothing is suggested with this wine, but artful— stated and sewn.


Glass empty, the aromas and empirical olfactory zooms tell me to take a minute, notice how present they still are.  I wasn’t caught or convinced by her, but further taught, about the varietal, wine, my aesthetic harness to it, her.  Love wth exponents, beyond mortal integers and equations— multi-webbed web of attraction and distinctive place senses.


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