Back with more wine and love of wine…

Tasted a lot since last post… have a lot to share.  I’m seeing wine as more of an exploration of characters rather than being exposed to different “flavor profiles”, as they say.  In exploring, or rather getting to know, these new characters I learn more, we learn more, about ourselves and our relationship with wine, principally.  Last wine I sipped, a couple nights ago, a 2014 Fritz Zin, Dry Creek. One of the more universal interpretations of Zinfandel I’ve ever tasted.  Meeting this new voice, this new shape and personification of California’s varietal made me sure that wine is where I’m meant to remain.  How do I live, in wine.  How do I make a living?  Selling wine.  What’s your story?  Wine.

Wine is for all of us, and we should talk about every voice we encounter in that glass.  Wine is conversation, civility, love… all dimensions yay-saying.  This is how I persist.

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