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img_1352En Garde – 2012 Pinot Noir – Russian River Valley

Light but not in anyway dismissive.  The fruit perambulation is intriguing and respectful of Pinot’s at time mood varietal actuated fluctuations.  Lovely texture and after-palate echo, and ideal for the Pinot chaser.  This is one of those Pinots that will leave you in a translator’s roll; knowing what you sipped but not knowing how it was done.  It’s own language and geography, philosophy and Pinot pedagogy.


Davis Family Vineyards – 2014 Cuvée Luke – Russian River Valley

A colorful and vocal white blend of Rhône varietals and one that shows a different and more instructionally universal side to a white wine.  Something that’s geared toward palate communication, casual sipping as well as food synergy.  Rhythmic and musical with all its rumbled and placed and avowed flavor electricity.  Clean but with more texture than you’d anticipate.  Versatile vivacity, and…

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