Arista Winery, 2013 Russian River Valley Longbow Pinot Noir

IMG_9380An active metamorphic nose, promised activity on palate, which is precisely what’s paginated. Voices of cherry, vanilla, rich and spicy oak oscillations coupled with the decadent consistency of maple and tempered milk chocolate. A Pinot whose composition avows meticulous assembly. A Pinot for Pinot lovers seeking a new, innovative, and riveting translation of the varietal. Like a new song in a sought genre that makes you stop, immerse in the song itself and reconsider your surroundings and general scope. And you will, very much, adjust your standards for Pinot Noir after sipping this alluring symmetry. A seductive shape-shifter, beckoning for more translation. This is one of the bottles that Arista lovers go after, and there’s not that much left, so don’t wait!


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