wine thoughts


Tonight I think I’m opening this Chardonnay that I’ve had in the fridge for a while.  Not sure why, just something I think I’m going to do.  Any why not.  Isn’t wine about the impulse, about the spontaneity?  About that ‘leap’?  I’m hoping it’ll be one way, then I hope it’s another— who knows.  It’s […]


Bottled Thought:  003

This morning driving, 12 toward Napa, the fog topped the vineyards in that poetic way I love, often I’ll stare from behind the wheel then and pull over to snap a still picture.  And that urge overtook me this morning while driving, just past Gundlach Bundschu, Scribe, but I didn’t stop.  I didn’t pull out […]


Bottled Thought:  001

When talking about wine, or describing what you’re tasting, don’t think like you have to.  And if you are trying to, highlight what notes are greeting you and what you’re tasting and what be…  Speak as you.  Don’t aim to sound like anyone but YOU.  Trying to be someone or something other than you when […]