Bottle Promulgate

wine sketchez

Lovely landing on palate from initial, it dances across your senses like an eager phantasm.  Fruit is all over the board, with what you’d expect from Chardonnay, with notes like apple and pair and bla, bla… but as well as some cantaloupe, white rose pedal and light mint.  It was musical and playful in a […]


Rosé at End-of-Day

Fresh and dimensional offering from Medlock…  gorgeous fruit and general structure, perfect for just sipping.  And that’s just what I did, with friends, people that had no intention of overthinking it.  We just sipped.  Medlock Ames has always been one of those wineries to educate you, make you feel comfortable.  Precisely what this bottle conveys. […]


Arista Winery, 2013 Russian River Valley Longbow Pinot Noir

An active metamorphic nose, promised activity on palate, which is precisely what’s paginated. Voices of cherry, vanilla, rich and spicy oak oscillations coupled with the decadent consistency of maple and tempered milk chocolate. A Pinot whose composition avows meticulous assembly. A Pinot for Pinot lovers seeking a new, innovative, and riveting translation of the varietal. […]